Discover the Domaine de Ribières and ColVert wines

A family wine estate

Perched high above the village of Rognes

Just a stone's throw from the Bergerie du Roy is the Domaine de Ribières, where Marc Kemlin (aka Marco) produces wines of character, marketed under the name ColVert.

The combination of a lively soil with a high clay-limestone content, a temperate Mediterranean climate and an

The quality of ColVert wines is based on viticulture carried out according to the principles of organic farming.

During your stay at La Bergerie du Roy, we invite you to discover the different vintages of ColVert wines, including rolle, cinsault and grenache noir, and roussanne are the stars, orchestrated by this winemaker who is driven by passion and commitment.


Route de Saint-Estève Janson,

13840 Rognes, France

20 minutes from Aix-en-Provence

La Bergerie du Roy

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